Survival to Thrival


Our ability to adapt to change helps determine our quality of life. Change is the only constant in life. In fact as a species we have survived due to our overall ability to shift, invent & adapt. This applies on all levels of life, be that in our relationships, with our health or in our work situations. 
The more familiar we are with recognising our need to pivot, the more we thrive.

Thrival describes a state of being where by a person has transformed out of survival mode into an optimal state of health, vitality, joy & wellbeing. Our mission is empower people to spend more time in this state of joy. 

In the practice we use a measure called heart rate variability (HRV) to see the ease with which you adapt in different situations. It is paramount to a healthy nervous system to be able to shift from flight/fright (Parasympathetic)  to rest/digest (Sympathetic) within moments for example as demonstrated by your ability to act fast to save a toddler from running onto the road and then being calm enough to console them after the incident. How well we shift from one state to the other and what our resting state is determines our hear rate variability.

We know that regular chiropractic adjustments help in improving our HRV and we also have many ways for you to help yourself between adjustments.

About the author
Hi! I’m Gabby. I’m a chiropractor and I’m on a mission to teach others how to look after their bodies in meaningful ways by making small lifestyle changes that will have a big impact over time. I help people to create peace in their own body. Find me on Facebook and in my practice ‘Buderim Chiropractic’.



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